SignWave is your headquarters for boat name design!

There are three steps involved when naming/lettering a boat:
1) Design   2) Production   3) Installation

The design is by far the most important aspect, and this is what SignWave now offers.  (We no longer produce or install the physical lettering itself, just the design component).

Design matters:  It really doesn’t matter who cuts out the vinyl lettering for your boat, but it does matter who designs it.  Design is paramount, and good design skills come from a trained & experienced mind, not a computer.  With 34 years of experience in the sign business, we know typography and design.  We started in the old days when lettering for signs was painted by hand, using a quill and a mahl stick, so when we then adopted computer technology, we had a disciplined eye for lettering, and the ability to manipulate text when needed in order to provide a warmer, organic look and feel.
We do not use the cookie-cutter type of approach like the numerous online boat lettering websites.  They offer only a small selection of generic (and frankly terrible) fonts, and they overlook the many critical details that are involved in the sizing and placement on your boat, and the unique, often very restrictive space that is available for the name.
When it comes to designing a name for a boat, there is usually a particular look or personality for font choice that appropriately suits the boat, and in harmony with the boat name itself, and additionally, your own tastes and preferences.  By drawing upon our decades of design experience and hundreds of thousands of fonts (some hand-crafted), we will create a unique name for your boat that you will love for years to come.


Process:  After ascertaining the specifics of your particular boat, such as the space available, colours, etc, we will then go to work on the design.  Within a couple of days,  you will receive by email several design options to view.  Once we've completed the design portion of the job to your satisfaction, you will be emailed a ready-to-cut EPS vector file that you can then take or email to any sign shop of your choosing.  Whether you’re local, or living anywhere in the world, my design skills are available to you, without the expense and wait time of shipping the actual vinyl lettering.  You can then elect to install the lettering yourself, or have that same sign shop which cut the lettering for you perform the installation too.  Either way, you utilized my design skills, which again, is the most important part.

Design fee, including supplied vector file:  $150.00 (Canadian)

*We are no longer located on Dickson Ave. in North Saanich, as Google indicates.  Please email or call with inquiries (see phone and email info below).

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