Logo Design
Logo Design

If you own a business, or are planning on starting one, a professionally designed logo is one component that will have an enormous positive influence on your level of success.  It's been said: "If you want to be successful, do what successful people do."  So, in business, it is no coincidence that those who do well, almost invariably have an effective logo working for them.  Other factors are obviously important too, like customer service, organization, punctuality, product quality etc, but it should be noted that there are very few successful businesses that have a poorly designed logo.  This attests to the powerful role they play in your business' overall presentation.

Many big corporations spend millions annually to ensure that they remain instantly recognizable to you. This is called "branding".  They make this investment for one simple reason; that the sight of their graphic symbol will encourage the choice of their product or service over another less recognized brand.  This can work for you at a regional level too, as a small business.  If people have seen your ads, trucks, signs, business cards etc around town for a period of time, and if those marketing devices have been presented in a consistently recognizable way, you will achieve the same result.  The public will attain a sense of familiarity and trust in your products/services even though they may never have met or dealt with you before.

If you've got something you've been using but you've never felt quite right about it, consider showing it to us for possible improvement.  Sometimes an old dated logo can be upgraded to be more legible, current and attractive without losing too much of its original character and recognition value.  Even big businesses keep their graphic symbols up to date to reflect current trends.  Sometimes though, a completely new look is more advantageous.

SignWave can help you with a unique, fresh and distinctive look for your business, project or event, and offer you the opportunity to stand out from your competition.

Process:  After you fill out our Logo Design Questionnaire, design options will be created for you - usually within a week, and we will then work with you to arrive at an image that you'll be proud of.  Upon completion you will then receive all of the electronic files that you will ever need for other promotional products.  Your logo will also be kept on file for any future needs.

For additional related information please see the "About Signs" and
"Starting a Business" pages.

Here's a sampling of some of the logos created by SignWave:

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