Starting your own Business


Starting your own business can be a big step.  Initially, you are likely to be very busy (perhaps overwhelmed) with all of the things that will demand your time and energy to get your business off the ground.  SignWave can make it a lot easier by meeting one of the most important aspects of your business' overall presentation; your logo design and signage needs.

We feel that with all of the hard work you will be putting into such a venture, why cut corners with the impression you will be giving to your potential customers?  With a professionally developed logo, your first few crucial and formative years will be much more fruitful.  If a professional look is obtained right from the start, it's like greasing the skids of your potential for success.

Good design always evokes a positive emotional response in the mind of the onlooker. The reverse is also true, that poor design triggers a negative emotional response from the onlooker.  Most of this is usually occurring at a subconscious level, but it is always at work.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here's an example.
If you were shopping for some nice clothes, which store would you be drawn to?

Hopefully we can see the inherent value of good design.

(Also see the "About Signs" page for more related information).

SignWave offers great logo design services.  The logo is then incorporated into your signage and all other promotional needs.
We can also design your yellow-page ad, newspaper ads, and business cards.

Continuity is key
.  The consistent and repetitive use of a professionally designed image goes a long way in projecting professionalism and ensuring your success.